The Mummy Behind The Blog

Sophie Louise // 23 // England // Mummy to 1 

Whats my mission?

I have a few! But the most important, i’m on a mission to be the best mummy I can be. I’ll be rambling about business, parenting, lifestyle, fitness, and anything and everything else.

Mummy life

I am a SAHM looking after my beautiful 2 year old Aryna, or A in my earlier posts. She is a typical girl and absolutely loves mermaids, princesses, unicorns and all things glittery!

My business experience

2017 has been a pretty busy and eye opening year for me. In February I opened an online adult boutique (a sex toy, lingerie & bondage boutique to be exact!). It was a crazy experience, extremely eye opening, and so much fun! Due to home life commitments (and the fact that I am only one person and I wasn’t in a position to hire anyone to help me!), I sold the business in September. I am glad I made the decision to sell, and I am also glad I learned so much from the experience. I have so much to share from my short time running a business, and a lot of hints and tips for anyone looking to start their own business also. So make sure you subscribe to be the first in the loop to hear about my new posts!

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