10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting A Sex Shop!

I will admit, I went into my business with a very naive and not very well researched mind. How hard could it be? What a fool!

Here’s 10 things I wish I knew before starting an adult business.

1. So. Much. Porn.

Porn. Everywhere, all day. Any time I’m on Twitter, I’m scrolling through ridiculous amounts of porn, trying to find (somewhat!) normal tweets inbetween. Again, naive, but before I started this, I had absolutely no idea that this side of Twitter even existed. People making a living selling their videos and pictures, selling wet knickers, used shoes, you name it. But Twitter is my favourite social media platform, and it is my biggest customer base, so I’ll continue to scroll through squinted eyes!

2. It is a very bitchy world!

Oh so bitchy! Keyboard warriors that are safe behind their computer, so their actions have no consequences. Just block and move on. I’ve had my fair share of bitchy run ins so far, but being a business it is so much harder to walk away silently! I would never lower myself to reply and I definitely wouldn’t put my reputation at risk, but it takes a lot not to! But, I went to an all girls school for 5 years so I’m well hardened (pardon the pun) in bitchiness.

3. It’s all about the FREEBIES!

I can’t even tell you the amount of messages I recieve in the day, asking for freebies. For a big business with warehouses and 50+ staff, it’s no problem to send out lots of freebies. For a one person, home run business, it isn’t that easy. But as I have found out, the only way to sell and get business, is to send out free products to influencers to review and rave about. I’ve had people send me a basket screenshot worth £300+ asking for it to be sent to them for free! I admire confidence and having the balls to ask, but there is such a thing as taking the biscuit! I am more the happy to send out the occasional freebie, but only to people that are customers already, so I know they’re not just there for the free stuff.

4. Not all reviewers are as they seem.

Reviewers. I have made friends with some amazing reviewers/bloggers on Twitter. Most of them on Twitter, are legit. They are friendly and approachable, have brilliant blog content and very thorough reviews. Unfortunately, as with most things, there is the small minority of people that give it a bad name. I have had a few run ins with reviewers who on the surface, have thousands of followers and are quite high up in the business, but their money/product grabbing attitude is such a turn off, I’d rather carry on trying to organically grow than work with people I don’t genuinely like. Speaking of bitchy!

5. It’s very hard to break into such an already established world.

Spending my career so far in the shadows of the big brand adult retailers is not fun. Everyone’s default shop, we all know who. I admire their business and growth and it is something I’d love to achieve on a smaller level. But just like me, they started somewhere small too!

Everyone has their favourite shops, toys, and brands, so if someone new comes along trying to sell them something they already know a lot about, they are understandably very cautious. For me, it’s all about customer service. I talk to everyone, RT people, read their blogs and get into the sex blogging world to better understand them. Kindness is key!

6. Twitter is full of married men trying to find secret one night stands…

So this one isn’t important business wise, but it shocks me everyday! I understand people aren’t always happy in their relationship and might be having some issues, but to air them on Twitter via a secret account is just crazy to me! If you’re just on there to make friends, that’s completely different. But the accounts that quite proudly say ‘married but unhappy, let’s meet up’, shame on you!

7. Even though I’m running a shop, I still get dick pics, not cool.

Even though I’m running a shop, I’ll still get dick pics, not cool.
Pretty self explanatory, and to most people, quite obvious. Do. Not. Send. Dick. Pics. To. A. Shop. Would you go into Wilko and slap your ‘freshly printed from your mum’s printer’ dick pic on the till counter? No. Nuff said.

8. Most people in the sex blogging community have a complete alter ego.

Now this genuinely amazes me how different one person can be, and I absolutely love it. Twitter is a very secretive, but also friend orientated community. Most of my followers and customers have a complete alter ego that they use online, and I say good for you!

Just because you’re a teacher, doesn’t mean you can’t have an active sex life that you want to share on the internet. So you make a Twitter account under the username sexypussycat69, say you live on the other side of the country, make up a new name and you’re off! No one will know who you are unless you tell them, and you can explore your kinky side. But it does make me chuckle when I’m putting through an order for bdsm.master and it’s a 60 year old man called Dave! But I admire them all the same.

9. About bodysafe toys.

Now I will admit again, naively, I had no idea about this when I started, and no idea how big an issue it was. I started my shop with over 4500 products of all kinds of toys, bondage accessories and lingerie. I’m now down to 3800, after deleting all of the unsafe toys. And the shame was immense.

Unsafe toys are anything made from jelly, some PVC and anything containing Phthalate. Safe toys are everything Phthalate free, hard plastic, wood, metal, glass, and silicone. After reading a lot of blog posts about the subject, I’ve done right by business by becoming body safe and I feel a better regarded member of the community for doing so!

10. Most importantly, I would become friends with some amazing people!

As I said earlier, I have made some amazing friends through my shop. The twitter community I have is lovely, and they’re all so welcoming and kind, and very supportive. The biggest tip I’d give to anyone trying to build a social media base for your business, is to be friendly! Share your personal stories aswell as business, let them know what you’re doing today, ask about them and what they’re doing, and engage!

If you have any questions about me or my business, leave me a comment or tweet me!

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