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10 Tips On How To Stand Out From The Crowd To Recieve Products To Review – From A Business Owner!

Blogging is a hard world to get into, with so many bloggers and businesses out there to explore and get to know. So how can you make sure that it’s you that gets paid to post about them and not another blogger? Below are my top 10 tips on standing out from the crowd, from a business owners point of view.

1. Be friendly! Get to know the brand owner if it’s a small brand, and their social media rep if not.

I personally like it when I get a new follower and they message the shop to introduce themself. It gives me an idea of my customer base, and let’s me explore their profile/blog and get to know them and see what their interests are. Interaction is key if you want to review for a brand, and they’re more likely to choose someone they know.

2. Don’t email with a demand and don’t demand a certain fee!

I get this all of the time, and it is extremely annoying! Emailing a business and telling them to send you a product and pay you for your time is the quickest way to get your account on the ‘NO WAY!’ list. Instead, simply ask if they’re looking for any new reviewers and go from there. You’ll have a much better outcome, trust me!

3. Do your research and let the brand know that you genuinely love their product(s).

Before you ask a brand if you can review for them, you MUST do your research. Google them, check out their websites and social media, the way they interact with customers, the reputation they have and most importantly, what they sell. I’ve had people message the shop asking if they can review a certain brand that I’ve never even stocked before, and if they had done their research, they’d have known that.

4. Let them know how it can be mutually beneficial – what are you willing to write about, how many social media links are you going to share, etc!

This is important, as the brand needs to know exactly what they’re getting, as to evaluate financially if it’s a smart idea to pay for your work. When you know they are looking for reviewers – sell yourself. Let them know if you can: RT their tweets and share their Facebook and Instagram posts, link all of their social media in a blog post, let everyone know of any special offers or sales. Give them a preview of what the post will include to help them decide. If you want to work with a brand, being their biggest fan will get you a long way!

5. Make a purchase before asking to recieve a freebie – I only send out products for review to customers!

This is the case with a lot of brands, including mine. I will only send out freebies to previous customers, as I know they are genuine and are not using me for the free stuff! Even if it’s a £5 sale, you are regarded as a customer and will be rewarded for being one.

6. Share the brands social media, comment on their pages, interact with them and they will remember your name!

This is also very important and one of the best things you can do to stand out. When a brand has thousands of followers and is talking to different customers all day, it’s extremely hard to remember them all! I know my regulars and keep up to date with them, but anyone new needs to work to stand out. If you see a brand and would like to work with them, in this case actions speak louder than words. Firstly, you should have the same(ish) username
across all platforms to stay consistent anyway, but for this reason it will really come in handy. If you see them tweet, reply to it and like it. If they post on Facebook, like, share and comment on the post. Become a regular name and whoever deals with social media will remember your name when they see it and you’ll be kept in mind for any future opportunities as you’ve shown that you’re a fan!

7. Offer to write them a free blog post with the idea of becoming a regular paid writer

This is a very controversial topic in the blog world – so I won’t talk about it too much! But it is a brilliant way to get a foot in the door. Showing them your work and what you’re capable of for free will help them decide whether you fit the brand and what you can bring to the table. Occasionally, it doesn’t hurt to write the odd free post if it could potentially mean a paid regular gig in the future.

8. Don’t be unprofessional if you get turned down!

Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. I’m a big believer in what will be, will be. If it’s supposed to happen, it will and no amount of pushing will help. I’ve had to turn people down in the past to recieve products or write for us, purely because I didn’t think their writing style was a good fit, and the abuse I have received back was almost funny, like a child throwing a tantrum! Just a simple ‘thank you for your time and all the best in your search’ is sufficient and could also keep you on the list for them to contact in the future. Stay professional at all times!

9. If you haven’t had a reply, follow them up – they have more than likely missed your email!

This happens a lot and is not always the brands fault. My emails spam filter is very generous and likes to take in emails it really shouldn’t! So I miss them, and the only way I find them is if the sender gives me a nudge and asks if I’ve seen it. Don’t be emailing them daily until they reply, as they probably won’t just to prove a point! But if you have emailed and recieved no reply after a week, it doesn’t hurt to send a follow up email or message them via social media so there isn’t the spam filter risk. Any good customer relations manager will reply to be curteous and keep a good rep, so if they don’t and they ignore you, ask yourself ‘is this really a company I want to get involved with anyway?!’

10. If you have a problem with a product/delivery/website issue, message them, don’t blast it on their timeline where everyone can see!

So you go on to a website and a function isn’t working how it should, have you angrily posted about it on social media and tagged them for all of their customers to see?

Please do not do this! I’ve had this done to me many times with my site, and it does not go down well. It makes you look unprofessional just as much as the site. A quick and discreet message direct to them will not only make them aware of the problem before anyone else, it will also put you straight up there in the good books, and I always send them a thank you gift voucher too! Respect always pays off.

Have you got any top tips on how to stand out? Let me know in the comments!

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