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How To Keep Your Car Organised! –

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Lets set the scene! You’re out in the car when you hear, “Mum, can I have a snack?”. So you pass them a packet of something yummy, only to find out when you’ve parked that it’s all over the floor. Sound familiar? Toddler + tidy car = no way! But it doesn’t have to be. By having a few things within easy reach, it doesn’t take much upkeep to keep your car in tip top shape.

I love being organised, and I carry that on with my car too. I like my car to look good, smell good (Yankee candle air fresheners, yes please!), and also have a few bits on board should I need them. My little one always seems to get the munchies in the car, so I always have baby wipes and a rubbish bag handy to clean up after her. By tidying your car little but often, it saves the embaressing trip to the car wash when your car looks like it’s been stolen and lived in for a few weeks!

So here are my top 4 tips on how to keep an organised and lovely car, and a few tips for keeping the kids busy while travelling so it stays that way!

1. Necessities – The must’s and the should have’s.

There are some things you have to have in your car. The important stuff like your insurance and your license etc, but then the handy stuff too. I have a bag for life in my boot with the must haves: nappies, wipes, kitchen roll, hand sanitizer, a bottle of water, some cereal bars, a blanket and a few rubbish bags. Not must haves, but you can never be too prepared, especially when you have children!

-Tip- Especially if you have children, a set of spare clothes for the both of you wouldn’t go a miss too!


2. Distraction – keep the kids out of mischief

A tablet/DVD player in the headrest, an activity pack for the car that includes colouring and a puzzle, spare headphones incase someone wants to listen to music, or a few of their favourite books. Anything you can keep in the car that isn’t likely to get ruined/stolen, is a good idea! It doesn’t have to be expensive, it could just be something small from their room. If you have to nip to the shops or do a school run on a regular basis, it’s a must to keep the younger ones entertained so you’re not driving along with a wailing child in the back seat!


Ice-cream wasn’t my best choice of distraction, as you can imagine it didn’t end well!

-Tip- For a budget friendly car activity pack, stick some crayons and scrap paper in a plastic pocket/sandwich bag and ask them to draw what they see out of the window. Older kids could try tracing on the actual window (maybe not with hard pens!).

3. Have a rubbish bag out and at the ready

You may look a little OCD, but hey, that’s not a bad thing! How many times have you nipped to the shop and bought some chewing gum, opened the pack and that little bit of packaging that comes off gets thrown on the floor? IN THE BAG! Opening a new water bottle and you pull of the plastic tab? IN THE BAG! It also makes you realise how much silly spending you’re doing if you’re constantly eating/drinking in the car, just saying!

4. Clean your car inside and out every 2 weeks

This sounds like hard work, but once you get into the rhythm of it, it’s not. You don’t have to go to the car wash and spend £10 on a wash either. Dig out the buckets and sponges and DIY it. If you’ve got older kids, I’m sure they’ll happily wash the car for a pound or 2! Smaller kids would love joining in too, or they could wash their own toy cars while you wash yours. I picked up some valet spray and car seat cleaner from the £1 shop a few weeks ago just to give it a go and it looks fab! You don’t have to spend a lot for a lovely shiny car.

Aryna loves being in the car, but also loves making a mess in the car! I try and keep Pedro (my car!) as clean and tidy as possible. Have you got any tips?

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