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My Favourite Cleaning Products

This is a follow on post from my cleaning schedule- read it here if you haven’t already!

It is known, I have a Zoflora obsession. I use it every day multiple times a day, I’m always told I smell of it, and if I could bathe in it, I would! If you haven’t tried it, I can’t recommend it enough. My favourite is Twilight Garden, it kind of smells like aftershave! I also love Hello Spring, and Fresh Linen. If you’re in the UK you can get it in most shops. The pound shop sells the basic scents, and B&M, Tesco, Asda, pretty much everywhere sells the new ones. But be warned, another obsessive will have already been and cleared most of them. It’s a lifestyle!

I also have a love for Dettol, and the Dettol spray is an absolute must have for me. They need to sell a mini version that I could carry in my handbag so I can spray public toilets and restaurant tables etc! It gets used pretty much everywhere in the house, and normally go through a bottle a week. It’s used in the bathroom, on the sofas and beds, remote controls, light switches, door handles, car seat, steering wheel. You name it, you can Dettol it!

So, onto the rest of my favourites.

Here’s my go to cleaning box. I have this in the cupbaord under the sink. It’s full of all of the essentials so I just carry it round with me and it has everything I need.


In my go to box I have:

Dettol spray – comes in 3 colours: blue, yellow and pink. I’m not a fan of the pink smell so I stick to these two!


Zoflora – I could talk about this all day so I won’t say anymore!

Anti bacterial surface wipes – I don’t normally have a favourite and will use any. I normally use the lemon Wilko wipes or whatever Asda has on offer! But now I’ve tried these, I have definitely found my favourite! They smell amazing and it lasts for a lot longer than others I’ve tried.

Wipes, gloves & sponges – A’s dad steals these gloves from work (shhh!) and they’re so handy to have. I just buy standard Asda’s own sponges and cloths, nothing fancy here!

Anti bacterial spray – Also here I’m not fussy. At the moment I have an Aldi spray. I normally make sure I can use them on food surfaces so I can spray the highchair and not have to worry.

Window and mirror cleaner – We have French doors in our front room that are forever getting dirty so I have to have this in my essentials box!

What are your favourite cleaning products? Do you have a go to box too?

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