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5 Tips To Stay Sane As A Stay At Home Parent

I absolutely love being a stay at home mum! It stresses me out and it makes me feel lonely some times, but I love it, and wouldn’t change it. I know that I am extremely lucky to be able to stay at home with my daughter. A lot of mum’s have to go back to work after maternity leave. Some through choice and some don’t have a choice. Just because you go to work doesn’t mean you love your child any less, and doesn’t mean you don’t want to spend any time with them. A lot of mum’s who work through choice have a lot of guilt about leaving their child(ren) to go to work. I completely understand, I feel guilty just thinking about working!

If you are a stay at home parent, you have a lot of jobs to do in one day, and not much time for yourself. As a SAHP you’re normally a babysitter, chef, cleaner, chauffeur and home organiser, to name a few daily jobs! It’s hard to fit everything in and it’s hard to stay sane until you’re in a routine, trust me I know!



Here are my top 5 tips to stay sane as a SAHP!


1. LOTS of bubble baths!

I have a bubble bath as often as I can and will stay in the bath for as long as I can! If I have a good book, I’m set for the night. Having a bath is relaxing and a good choice for some me time. Wait until the kids are in bed or someone can watch them so you’re not disturbed, fill up the tub and have a good soak in peace!



2. Be organised!

Write yourself a daily/weekly to do list, a timetable and a cleaning schedule. Seeing everything you need to do and want to achieve for the day written down will be motivation to actually do it and will keep you on track! I have printables to come in a future blog post so subscribe to be the first to hear about them!


3. You need to have a support network!

I don’t have many SAHP friends, and the ones I do have I stay close to and talk to as much as I can. If you don’t have any but you have a partner or close family, use them as your support network. Being a stay at home parent can get very lonely so it’s good to have someone to talk to and to have some support. Sometimes you need to be told how well you’re doing to give you the much needed boost!

4. Try and get out of the house every day!

This one can be hard for some people, and I completely understand why. As a SAHP myself, I’ve had days go by where we haven’t left the house once. Not to be mean and not to be lazy, I just didn’t want to. Sometimes you get so wrapped in your own little bubble that you don’t want to leave, and that’s okay! But to really help yourself and your little one(s), getting out of the house every day is essential to stay sane. Even if it’s just your toddler having 10 mins up and down your road on a scooter, or taking your baby for a walk in the pushchair around the block. You’ll feel so much better for it, trust me!


5. Have some time away from the house!

Get a babysitter or ask family to watch your little one for the evening, or even just a few hours. See a movie, go shopping, grab a few drinks, get your nails done, meet up with a friend. Anything to get out of the house and be on your own for a little bit every now and again.This one is hard for a lot of people and logistically impossible if say you’re a single parent with no nearby family. If so, there always options! When your little terror is asleep, have a movie night, have a pamper evening and do your nails and a face mask, catch up on your favourite tv or indulge in a hobby! I have a post about me time here if you want a read for some ideas! We don’t get out for couples time very often so we make the most of it when we do. The last date night we had, we went to see the Foo Fighters for my birthday and had a child free evening!



Being a stay at home parent is one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs you will ever have.

Make the most of every second as they won’t be little for long!

But don’t lose yourself and become ‘just a parent’. Take time out and look after yourself too!

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  1. I’m not a mom yet, but I have many friends who are. These tips are awesome! I definitely want to help babysit so my mom friends have an opportunity to get out of the house. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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