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6 Quick & Easy Microwave Meals For Toddlers

Toddlers are always on the go! Non stop bundles of energy that want to be part of anything and everything. And they definitely don’t like sitting down for too long. So its handy to have a list of quick and easy meals you can whip up in a short amount of time. If you’re busy and don’t have much time to make a meal, you’ll need them! Below I’ve shared 6 of my favourite recipes with you so you can have a few more to hand! I make these for Aryna’s lunch on those time crunched days when I need to give her a quick, but still healthy meal.


Popcorn isn’t the only fun snack that you can make in the microwave!


The recipes can easily be switched up to be veggie/vegan and you can sub items as you need to for different dietary requirements. Aryna loves helping me so she grabs her step and gets stuck in too, the meals might not be that quick if that’s the case for you too! Check out these combination microwave ovens by Panasonic if you’re shopping around – a trusted name and fab prices too!

Here are my 6 meals to make in the microwave when you’re

short on time!

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