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Our Holiday To Kessingland – In Pictures

Long time no see! I’ve been so busy and I’ve been slacking a bit with the blog, but I’m slowly getting back on track. On Monday 7th August we went to Kessingland, Suffolk on a Park Resorts holiday until Friday 11th.

It rained for the first 2 days which was extremely annoying! But we still had a fun time. On the Thursday we went to Pleasurewood Hills in Great Yarmouth, which was a really fun day out and I’d really recommend going. It’s not the first time we’ve been, but it was the first time going with A, and she had a great time!

We stayed in a 3 bedroom caravan on the park, and it was lovely. I’ve been on a lot of caravan holidays and it was the nicest I’ve been to. The bedroom was bigger than our bedroom at home! It was a quiet, family friendly park and we’d definitely go back ┬áin the future.

Because it was a caravan park, they had entertainment in the evenings, which we went to nearly every night . On the Wednesday, the entertainment was no other than the Chuckle Brothers, so we had a very nostalgia filled evening. It took a bit of a weird turn when they started playing a ‘to me, to you’ dance/drum and bass mash up and they were raving away, but it was hilarious!

Another highlight was a ‘flea market’ we came across. For us in England, this is an American term and I’ve never heard of there being one over here before, so it was an experience. It was basically a big building with lots of different sections in, kind of like one big charity shop. Behind it was a pet shop and owl sanctuary, so they kind of threw everything together under one roof! And there was a reaaaally creepy doll there (see below!). It’s face was covered in mud and it had a wig on, I didn’t look when I took the picture, just snapped and ran!

Here is some of our week in pictures –








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