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Self care – Make Time For You!

For most of us, the day flys by. You wake up, blink and it’s lunchtime, blink again and it’s dinnertime, before you know it you’re tucked back up in bed drifting off to sleep. A lot of us don’t take time for ourselves in the day, but it is so important for a happy, healthy life. Whatever you enjoy doing, it needs to be done! Even if you can manage 10 minutes a day alone to reflect, reconnect and treat yourself, you deserve it and you’ll feel so much better for it.

However you choose to spend your ‘me time’, make it count! For me, I love running a nice bubble bath, as hot as I can physically handle (tell me it’s not just me?!) and relaxing, until my toes are wrinkly and the water is freezing! I love to paint my nails, catch up on the Kardashians, Catfish, OITNB (love love love!) maybe sneak some chocolate, and just chill. I’ve got a list of things I want to get into, and start making time for.  I also want to learn how to manage my time better, and I’ll share it with you along the way!

Some ways you can take time out of your day to get your self care ‘me time!’

Read a chapter of a new book

Make yourself a spotify playlist and listen to it while you chill out

Write a blog post!

Take a long bubble bath or shower

Go for a walk/run

Make your favourite snack

Catch up on your favourite tv program

Do some yoga

Play on the Xbox/PS4/Wii/Whatever!

Read a magazine

Play with your pet(s)

Do some crafts

Learn a new hobby

Do literally anything you enjoy, take as long as you need/can out of your day to be on your own. Do what you love and have your me time.

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