Halloween Toucan Box Review

We love arts and crafts! It’s a fab way to keep children entertained, whatever the weather. Aryna loves drawing and painting, and just generally making a mess! She’s at the age where she’s too young for cutting with scissors, but she loves sticking things together. So this box was absolutley perfect for her.


I’ve never used any kind of subscription box in the past. I had heard of the Toucan Box through adverts and other bloggers so when I saw an opportunity to test their Halloween box, I was really looking forward to it! Toucan Box is a subscription based craft box, sent to your door once a month with a new activity inside. The box is aimed for children a little bit older than Aryna (3+). Despite this, with my help, she had a great time making her ‘Jack O’Lantern’! Here’s the finished product.



About the box

I absolutley love that the actual box is personalised. Aryna is too young to read yet but I can imagine how happy it would make children to think they had their own parcel waiting for them! The box itself is very bright and well presented. It was delivered in perfect condition, which I was very surprised at. It’s made of very strong cardboard! It fit perfectly through the letterbox and was delivered quickly.


The box we reviewed was a Halloween special. After reviewing this box, I’ve signed up to the regular box subscription so I’m looking forward to see the other themes Toucan Box run, and I’m very excited for the Christmas box!

What’s inside the box?

I had no idea what to expect when opening the box! With the size of it, I was trying to work out what could be inside that was craft related. I was really surprised when we opened it and saw just how much was in there! In our box we had the craft contents – a glue stick, pipecleaners, sticky back tape, cut out shapes and stickers, stencils, a glowstick and the paper and felt needed to make our Jack O Lantern. There was also a promo card for a free box for two friends, and an adult treats envelope which had some gift vouchers in for other companies.

In the instructions leaflet, there are also activity pages for colouring and stickers. I thought this was really a nice added extra! Another part I really like is in the instruction leaflet. There is a section at the bottom that tells you what the learning focus for the box is. For ours, the learning focus was Maths and making a 3-D shape from flat paper. I thought this was a really good way of explaining to the parents why each activity is really beneficial for your child in an educational way.



Making the Jack O Lantern

Now comes the fun part! To make our lantern we had to cut across already lined paper (absolute godsend as I can not cut in a straight line!), then glue orange tissue paper over the top, glue it together so it makes the lantern, then glue on the handle and attach the glowstick, then finally stick on the face. This sounds really simple, but Aryna had such a fun time sticking, making the glowstick work and then showing off the finished product!



What did we think of the Toucan Box?

If you can’t tell from the review, we loved it! It’s something so simple but its such a lovely way to spend time with your child(ren) while still being educational and beneficial for them. Aryna genuinely enjoyed helping to put it together, and the smile on her face when she saw the finished product was enough to sell it to me! We had a great time reviewing the Toucan Box and I’m genuinely looking forward to receiving the next one.


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