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Balancing Work And Family – A Normal Day For Me

Everyone’s day to day life is different and convenient for them (to some degree!). Most include juggling family and work, in some way. My day to day life is pretty time crunched, but I wouldn’t change it. As well as running my shop, I am a stay home mum to a toddler (let’s call her A). My ‘work week’ currently is as often as I can be on my phone when she’s watching tv, in bed or playing and doesn’t want me to join in! I’ll always put her and family first, obviously. And if I’m busy and she wants my attention, I’ll stop what im doing. But while we’re watching ‘Barbie’s A Pony Tail’ for the fourth time in two days, I can crack on while we snuggle up on the sofa.


So here’s a typical day in the life – let’s go for a weekday.

6:00-6:30am: I don’t set an alarm, I wake up when A does!

Once I’ve dragged myself out of bed, normally because she’s wrecking the joint, we make the beds and go downstairs.

Once we’re down and nappy is changed and we have a drink, we sit on the sofa for about 30 minutes while she wakes herself up. This is normally the first ‘treat’ of watching Barbie. During this time, I schedule my tweets for the day.  My routine is 2 product tweets, 1 interactive tweet, and 1 meme/funny pic. I use Hootsuite and it is an absolute godsend!

Then we’ll have breakfast, and I’ll get as much cleaning done as possible before she decides she’s had enough of sitting in the high chair.

Then we’ll get ready, and I’ll get a little bit more cleaning in. By this point, I’m normally good for the day, and will only need to do the occasional washing up, kitchen sides and cook dinner.

By the time all of this is done, it is about 9am. I then normally leave work until later. We’ll do whatever activity we have planned for the day, and I’ll only be on my phone to answer any live chat queries and put orders through.

Then we have lunch, and carry on with whatever we’re doing in the afternoon. By the time it gets to about 4pm, she’s knackered and is more than happy to sit and chill, so I take this opportunity to go on my phone and be Twitter active, check emails, check web stats etc. From dinner time until her bed time, it’s family time.

After she’s in bed, I will either be on my phone adding new products, talking rubbish on Twitter and planning new sales etc, or I’ll be on the computer doing the same, but at a much slower speed, thank you Sky internet! I’ll wrap up around 9pm so I can have some kind of evening, ready to start again tomorrow! Then I crash by about 10:30pm.

It is a big struggle trying to fit everything in, but I wouldn’t change anything, and I’m very grateful to be able to be at home with my daughter. I would encourage any parent thinking about taking the leap to start a business to go for it. It won’t be easy, but with motivation and passion, you’ll be so thankful that you started!

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